100 Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Opportunities Abroad

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Volunteer work has become big business. Hundreds of gap year companies are there to guide timid gappers into a voluntary project, but if you are willing to be brave and do it all yourself it can be much, much cheaper.

41. Club du Vieux Manoir, France
Since 1952 the Club du Vieux Manoir has grouped together young people who want to spend some of their spare time doing rescue and restoration work on ancient monuments and sites. Accommodation, under canvas, and food costs €14 per day and a €15 membership and insurance fee is required.

42. ATD Fourth World, Worldwide
Make a difference by working as part of an international team of volunteers involved in projects with poor families. Volunteers undertake an introductory weekend and a three month training course. Many full time volunteer roles are also available in London.

43. Cartagenitos, Colombia
Cartagenitos provides free information for anybody who wants to help under privileged children in Cartagena without paying a cent.

44. Emmaus International, Europe
Help fight poverty by taking part in international workcamps in France and elsewhere in Europe. Travel costs there and back, medical and other personal costs are covered by the participants. Food, accommodation and insurance against accidents is provided by the organisers.

45. Quetzal Trekkers, Nicaragua
Nature lovers, with first aid experience and basic Spanish, will enjoy the challenge of working as a volunteer guide leading trekkers around the volcanoes near Leon. Duties include recruiting customers, making promotional materials and cleaning the equipment. Volunteers pay a $40 refundable deposit returned after a two month commitment.

46. In Defence of Animals, Cameroon
Enjoy the experience of witnessing chimpanzees living life as they were meant to live it. Volunteers pitch in wherever they are needed, need to speak French and must be able to drive a truck with manual transmission. Six month commitment required.

47. Community Service Volunteers, UK
CSV volunteers provide help to people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, or mental health issues. Full time volunteers are provided with accommodation and weekly allowances to live on. Placements can last between 4 and 12 months.

48. Angkor Hospital for Children, Cambodia
Though many of the 25 volunteers working at AHC each month have medical skills, non medical volunteers are also welcomed to assist with administrative undertakings, teaching English, and playing with the children. Volunteers should be self funding.

49. Tolga Bat Hospital, Australia
Every year the Tolga Bat Hospital rescues, rehabilitates and releases hundreds of bats that would otherwise die. Tasks include making banana smoothies for the bats and trips to the rainforest to release or capture the bats. Volunteers are required for a minimum of one month and should expect to pay for their food and accommodation. Shorter stays can be arranged by those willing to pay higher rates for their board.

50. Conservation Project Utila Iguana, Honduras
A popular destination for divers, Utila is also home to the Utila Spiny Tailed Iguana. Most volunteers are biology or veterinary students but those handy with their hands are also made welcome. Living at the station costs €150 per month, falling to €100 after three months.


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