100 Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Opportunities Abroad

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Volunteer work has become big business. Hundreds of gap year companies are there to guide timid gappers into a voluntary project, but if you are willing to be brave and do it all yourself it can be much, much cheaper.

51. The Monkey Sanctuary, UK
Volunteers are required year round to help this animal sanctuary run smoothly, performing tasks such as preparing monkey food, running the shop and keeping the place tidy.

52. Volunteer Latin America, Guatemala
VLA is a source of free and low cost volunteer opportunities in the environmental and humanitarian sectors. One example is a fair trade, organic coffee and macadamia project costing £10 to £25 per week depending on length of stay and covering accommodation and a fully equipped kitchen to prepare your own meals.

53. New Zealand Trust for Conservation Volunteers, New Zealand
NZTCV provides information on wildlife, botanical, restoration and other conservation projects found across the length of the land of the long white cloud.

54. Glastonbury Festival, UK
Held on a farm in Somerset, Glastonbury offers a free ticket to volunteer litter pickers. Previous volunteers have enjoyed perks such as finding and keeping large quantities of hash and an £8000 bundle of cash. Other tasks, such as stewarding, are contracted out.

55. Rockinbeerfest, UK
Smaller and less glamorous festivals, such as this one in Cambridge, also want volunteers. Stewards work for four hours a day for two days in exchange for a ticket and free camping.

56. Musical Theater Kids, USA
Lists the volunteer requirements of performing arts and community theatre organisations such as the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington DC and the Prescott Fine Arts Association in Arizona. Roles vary from singing and dancing to ushering, gardening and maintenance.

57. Belize Audubon Society, Belize
An environmental protection organisation, BAS prefer volunteers that have already worked in developing countries, in community, tourism or small business development, teaching, art, conservation or park management. Volunteers should be available for three months. Marine park volunteers should have dive qualifications and be available for at least one month.

58. Rainforest Biodiversity Group, Costa Rica
Volunteers are required from October to end of December to help prepare six newly established nature reserves to be a part of the new Costa Rican Bird Route. Accommodation provided at all sites and food at half of them. Spanish and construction skills necessary. Volunteers also required in the USA.

59. Volunteer Tibet, India
Lists opportunities with non profit or governmental organisations in the Dharamsala region of northern India, home to 8,000 Tibetans including the Dalai Lama. Jobs could include raising funds for the Tibetan Film Festival or teaching guitar at a performing arts theatre.

60. Badaguish Outdoor Centre, UK
An outdoor activity centre in the Cairngorms National Park, volunteers assist group leaders. Full board and lodging is provided plus £30 pocket money per week.


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