100 Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Opportunities Abroad

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Volunteer work has become big business. Hundreds of gap year companies are there to guide timid gappers into a voluntary project, but if you are willing to be brave and do it all yourself it can be much, much cheaper.

71. Tong-Len, India
Tong-Len is active in attempting to help displaced communities in northern India through a range of education and health based projects. Volunteers are sought to help in tent schools and health clinics.

72. Amigos de las Aves, Costa Rica
This bird refuge requires volunteers, described as a 'person Friday,' to help with various tasks from making toys to feeding duties. Homestays are available for around $15 per day. If you do not feel comfortable working with mentally disturbed Macaws other tasks are available from gardening to fundraising and spreading the word.

73. RSPB, UK
In the UK, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has a flexible volunteer programme. Volunteers can participate for a day, week or month in a number of different roles.

74. Alutiiq Museum, Alaska, USA
Preserving the historic cultural traditions of the Alutiiq people is what this Alaskan museum gets up to. Among other things, volunteers greet visitors and give tours, monitor archaeology sites, work on a dig or as a laboratory technician.

75. Kids Creative, USA
Seeks musicians, actors, artists, dancers and video specialists with teaching experience to help children create original musicals in schools across Manhattan, New York.

76. Vinspired.com, UK
A government initiative to promote volunteer work in the UK, this website provides a search for opportunities such as hostel work, disaster relief, with emergency services and includes under 16 volunteering.

77. Sunseed Desert Technology, Spain
Battling against the desert in a dusty Spanish village, SDT aims to develop low tech methods of living sustainably in a semi arid environment. Full time volunteers stay for a minimum of five weeks contributing just under £100 per week. Those willing and able to stay for one year may be interested in the role of staff coordinator, receiving free board and accommodation and a €20 weekly allowance.

78. Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, USA
Volunteers combat invasive weeds, build urban trails, repair park facilities and plant trees.

79. Edmonton International Fringe Festival, Canada
North America's largest and oldest fringe festival, held each year in August, requires around 1,000 volunteers to perform a number of diverse roles from face painting to photography.

80. Peace Corps, Worldwide
More than 190,000 Peace Corps volunteers have served in 139 countries since the then Senator John F Kennedy challenged Michigan students to serve their country by volunteering overseas. For Americans only.


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