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Follow the Harvest Around Australia

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Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia


There is always a crop to pick in Australia. The country is the size of a continent so it's big and warm enough to provide year round work in the fields.

Farmers and crop owners rely heavily on backpackers during the harvest and work is easy to find for those with the appropriate visa. Going around farms and orchards, and enquiring at local hostels and pubs, is the best way to track down employment. Accommodation may or may not be included on the farm. See our Harvest Guide to Australia for dates of harvests around the country.

Another option is to apply from afar. The VisitOz Scheme has vacancies, on cattle stations and farms, available after a period of training. No experience is necessary. They also seek veterinary students, ski instructors, mothers' helps, teachers and nurses. Otherwise try Agriventure's International Rural Placements scheme.

Experienced riders used to be able to find work with horses through an agency called TEP (formally Stablemate). Equine Influenza and the economic downturn caused them to shut down their recruitment agency but their old name lives on via the Stablemate Youth Exchange Program. Young people with equine experience are invited to participate in the programme for up to 12 months.

If you're willing to work for bed and board, the organic farming movement WWOOF have an Australian branch providing useful information on how to do so.

Good advice as usual can be found in Work Your Way Around the World (the latest edition is available is our store).

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