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Archived Articles & Content

tourism, hospitality & catering

Head in the Clouds
Well sort of. Actually you'll be trundling along on the ground but as ground crew for a hot air balloon you will enjoy an unusual and exciting way to see Europe.

Adventures in the Holy Land
When the urge to travel overtook Jonathan Adams, he, and friend Mike, decided to pack their bags and head for Israel, for no other reason than they had heard it was somewhere that travellers went to.

Frog Pubs: Bar Work in France
Beginning life as MBA homework, the first Frog Pub introduced warm flat beer to Parisians ten years ago. Now a small chain, they often look for bar and wait staff for shift work.

Lets Put on a Show Right Here
Openwide create and design entertainment programmes for cruise lines, tour operators, hotel chains and independent hotels throughout the Med and the Caribbean.

ski resort jobs

Paid Hedonism
Going on a skiing holiday? A week of powder and partying sounds like heaven and you know it can't be beaten. unless you could stay, still drink and party as much and get paid for it.

Powder Junky
Though completely addicted to snow, Stephanie Lightfoot won't be spending the winter locked away with lots of soup.

Skiing Jobs in Dubai
To create a focal point for a new shopping mall architects in the United Arab Emirates packed it with 22,500 square metres of snow and made a ski resort.

To Ski - or Not to Ski...?
Lancashire spinal care specialists, Origin, and The Back Up Trust offer a different way to get to the slopes by helping disabled skiers.

summer camps & activity centres

Sonya Miley spent Ten Summers at Camp America - she encourages you to spend at least one there.

childcare & domestic

Why Life's a Beach for Debbie
The nearest Debbie Irving got to Antigua was the glossy calendar on her office wall - until she started work with Lancaster specialist care agency Origin.

teaching english

Teach Abroad
Peter Beech has lived as a teacher in Greece for 15 years. Now involved in recruitment he can help university graduates gain teaching experience in this vibrant country before starting their career.

other work

A Flexible Life
N M Dyer and her husband bought a cheap caravan to get away from it all. After travelling in Holland they worked in Australia before returning home to have babies.

A Pig in a Cage. On Antibiotics
In this crazy world it is sometimes a comforting thought to know that you can still make a half decent living from saying "hellomynameis <yourname> howcanihelpyou?" many, many, hundreds of times per day. Nixers, recruitment spcialists in Ireland, tell it like it is in the world of the Call Centre.

Recruitment in Ireland
What's hot and what's not in the Irish job market. Recruitment specialists Nixers provide some insights to finding work in the Republic.

Job Searching in Australia
A look at some of the options available to those thinking of working in Australia.

Move to USA
Advice for South Africans thinking of moving to America.

volunteer work & gap year

100 Free (or Cheap) Volunteer Work Opportunities Abroad
Volunteer work has become big business. Hundreds of gap year companies are there to guide timid gappers into a voluntary project, but if you are willing to be brave and do it all yourself it can be much, much cheaper.

My Best Unexpected Experience
Intern Melanie Takefman landed in Bolivia with five equally perplexed Canadian interns to teach layout and web design skills in Tarija, a city near the Argentine border.

BUNAC Work America
The BUNAC Work America programme, one of many by this long running organisation, is a great way to do something special during your year out before, or after, university.