Head in the Clouds

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Floating serenely across the sky a hot air balloon always attracts attention. Most people's thoughts will drift with it imagining they are in the basket high above the countryside. But, if you want a varied and exciting job travelling around Europe, imagine that you are working as part of the unseen ground crew for the balloon.

Bombard Balloon Adventures operate luxury travel programmes for international clientele, mixing daily hot air balloon flights with fine restaurants and hotels. Bombard accept applications all year for the post of ground crew. Staff are needed from May to October to inflate and deflate the balloons, and in January and February for the winter season.

Applicants will be expected to work as a team assisting with take offs and landings, assembly, refuelling, equipment preparation and maintenance, and to help passengers requiring assistance into and out of the balloon basket. Map and compass skills are also needed to work out how to get to the landing area.

Responsible driving skills are an integral part of the job due to the amount of driving involved; Bombard Balloon Adventures travel to France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Turkey. 

While fluency in a foreign tongue is not essential, a working knowledge of spoken French, German and/or Italian is beneficial. Ground crew should be physically fit and strong, cheerful, neat and clean cut and able to live with others. Ground crew should weigh a minimum of 150lbs and Non EU citizens must already have valid EU working permits.

Lodging, food and a small wage are offered in return for your efforts.

Other positions offered by Bombard include pilot and chef du picnique, who will be responsible for planning, purchasing, preparing and creative presentation of buffet style picnics for 10 to 40 persons and preparing home style meals for staff. Also required is a host/hostess/guide, from countries visited by Bombard, fluent in English, cheerful and easy going.

Further Information
For more information on the ground crew and other positions visit Bombard's website at www.jobs.bombardsociety.org

Another Balloon company to try is France Montgolfieres Balloon Company

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