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Taking part In the BUNAC Work America programme is a great way to do something special during your year out before, or after, university.

BUNAC offers a package of support and information on jobs and accommodation that allows participants to travel around America arranging work as and when they need it over the summer months. You will be truly independent to follow your own ambitions and route, whether it's to the natural wonders of the Rockies or Yellowstone Park or to the great cities of New York, Chicago and San Francisco. 

University of Southampton student, nineteen year old Cheun Ngen, writing at www.dooyoo.co.uk, worked in America through BUNAC, spending time at an amusement park and as a hotel room attendant. Though he describes the working period as "very suffering and painful" he nevertheless felt the travelling part was too great to describe in words. 

Work America is an Exchange Visitor Programme (EVP), part of a reciprocal agreement between the USA and the UK. The USA allows British students to work in America. In exchange Americans can work in Britain. BUNAC administers the programme in the UK on behalf of the programme's American sponsor and dishes out the vital J-1 visa that allows almost any employment anywhere in the States.

Most people arrange a job before they go. BUNAC can help with this or you can use other resources. If a job has been found in advance, you will need access to at least $600 to support yourself before your first pay packet. Take $1000 if you're leaving arranging work until you are Stateside.

Most of the jobs taken by previous Work America participants are in the hospitality or tourist industries - theme parks, resorts, restaurants etc. 

Applicants do not have to be British but must be a student at a UK university or college and be at least 18 by June 1 of the year in which you wish to travel. There is no upper age limit.

The programme fee is £365,* plus the cost of flights, mandatory insurance and visa fees. Loans are available to raise these costs.

Further Information
For more information or to apply visit www.bunac.org

Spanish students should see Travel Work at www.travel-work.com
Polish students should see Columbus Club at www.columbusclub.pl 

* check BUNAC for current price

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