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Summer Camps & Activity Centres

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Summer Camp Jobs

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Want to work in one of the thousands of summer camps in America, or perhaps as a camp counsellor somewhere else around the world? Take a look in our Seasonal Job Centre to see if we currently feature any employers looking for staff now.

Articles on Activity Centre & Summer Camp Jobs Abroad

Camp Counsellors
If you think you can be a cross between a teacher and a big brother or sister, you may be interested in spending the summer in America as a Camp Counsellor. Work is in one of the 12,000 children's summer camps scattered across the USA and isn't restricted to students.


Your Experiences of Working as a Camp Counsellor or Activity Leader

River Guide Jill Baxter remembers the days when people would say "you are a bright girl, don't you think you should have a real job?" But they say "Boy, It must be great to get paid for what you do" once they learn a typical day may involve waking up in some spectacular place and checking out young golden eagles in their nest.

A Camp in America
Despite the blood, sweat and tears, Jason Cook finds it hard to imagine his life if he hadn’t gone to work at a summer camp in America.

A Summer With CCUSA
Spending a few months abroad - that's for people trying to dodge their taxes, not grimy students like you or I, isn't it? Well, prepare to cheer with relief when Sarah Baber tells you that being an international jetsetter is easier than pulling during fresher's week.

The Day I Got my Leg Over
Giving 100% to the campers in his care meant this counsellor had to conquer a fear of heights to guide a 12 year old New Yorker with learning difficulties up a 40 foot wall.

* We've collected and listed the first hand experiences of lots more working travellers in our Blogger's Guides to Summer Camp Jobs & Working as an Activity Leader.


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Summer Camp Counsellor Jobs – It’s not all About America - Most Americans will spend at least one summer of their childhood at camp but a few other countries have their own take on the custom allowing greater choice to travellers looking for overseas jobs, while Americans can find their own opportunities for working abroad.
Summer Camp Jobs in Upstate New York - A selection of summer camps in New York State.


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We add the latest Summer Camp, Leaders & Instructors Jobs to our Jobs Abroad Bulletin.


The OJC Directory

Sports & Leisure Links - If you have skills and the temperament to pass them on to others you'll earn overseas. Potential employers include American summer camps and European activity centres. More relevant links can be found in our USA pages.


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