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Care Work in the UK

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Care Work in the UK


Anyone who has ever spent any time in a hospital in the UK cannot have failed to notice that large numbers of NHS staff are drawn or originated from abroad. From doctors and nurses to cleaners and orderlies the NHS could not function without foreign talent and labour.

The private sector also draws in large numbers of foreign care workers to help look after British sick and injured, many arriving from the EU or from the commonwealth on working holiday visas.

Unlike most jobs for working travellers care work is well paid - around £400 to £500 per week* - and a large number of agencies are available to help with training and finding a job. While most agencies prefer staff to work for longer, jobs can be available for short periods such as three or four months.

The ideal care worker is aged between 21 and 65, speaks good English, is capable and considerate, flexible and reliable and preferably able to drive. Smokers will find that their habit limits their chances of finding work but may still find employers that won't mind if they pop outside for a fag.

The job offers free accommodation, as carers usually live with their client providing constant care. While demanding this offers an excellent chance to save money. Duties also involve housekeeping, cooking and companionship.

Further information
Live-in Carers offers plenty of information for care workers looking to find work in the UK at 

* Wage rates may have changed since this article was first published

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