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Childcare, Care Work & Domestic Jobs

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Au Pair and Nanny Jobs

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Want to find a childcare job now?
Looking after someone else's children is a great way to not only live abroad but to join a family and live as a local would. There's plenty of resources on our sites to find a job yourself as an au pair, nanny or governess, but we also feature a select number of recruiters in our Job Centre.

Articles on Working as an Au Pair and Nanny Jobs Abroad

Finding Work as an Au Pair
Though you'll never find yourself skipping and giggling your way to the bank, the au pair industry is an ideal way for young women, and occasionally men, to live abroad for an extended period.

Employed by Brats
Kids, who'd 'ave 'em. Well, you can for £70 a week plus accommodation and meals.

Au Pair FAQ
Your questions answered.


Your Experiences Working as an Au Pair or Nanny

An Au Pair in Boston, New York and LA
Being an Au Pair is a great way to travel and earn some income along the way, says Nikki Prin who has worked in Ameica, on and off, for over eight years. Here, she provides her tips and experiences of finding childcare work in the United States.

Cristiana Souza gives her impressions of working as An Au Pair in the USA.

* We've collected and listed the first hand experiences of lots more working travellers in our Blogger's Guides to Working in Childcare. We also collate relevant articles on this Pinterest page.


More Childcare Jobs Posts in The Working Traveller

More articles on working in childcare can be found in our blog, including...

Ski Resort Jobs in the Alps for Nannies and Childcare Staff - There are two main ways to get a job before you go caring for children in a ski resort. Find work through an au pair or nanny agency or get yourself hired by a tour operator or chalet company.
Take Care of Kids in Greece - In the winter the people behind Kids in Greece find childcare staff for families in the Alps. For summer, the focus switches to Athens and resorts across the Greek Islands. Positions can also be found in the Portuguese Algarve.


Current Au Pair and Nanny Vacancies in JAB

We add the latest childcare jobs to our Jobs Abroad Bulletin.


The OJC Directory

Au Pair & Nanny Links - Find jobs with au pair and nanny agencies or use the internet to find a position yourself. More relevant links can be found in our Region & Country pages.


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