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Top Sites

Wordpress - A free to download, highly adaptable blogging platform.

Google Adsense - People in suits would describe this as "an effective advertising solution for content driven websites and blogs".

Teach English Online



Blogger - A service from Google.

Bravenet - A range of free tools available to web site editors.

Gov.UK Business & Self Employed - Business start up advice and resources.

Ebay - Need cash? Sell things.

FertilityPlus - A list of places to donate sperm in the USA.

Flippa - Buy and sell websites. - Tools for Web Authors - Links to services and tools handy for i-net entrepreneurs.

Fresh Egg - Digital marketing agency with offices in the UK and Australia.

Google Adsense - People in suits would describe this as "an effective advertising solution for content driven websites and blogs".

Hot Officing - Digital nomads suggest places to work online when on the move.

The Insider Secrets of Freelance Travel Writing - Some resources and ideas for wannabe travel writers.

Live In Languages - Agents wanted to market courses for language students and earn commission as you travel.

London Sperm Bank - Earn £35 expenses per donation.

MatadorU - .A popular way to learn travel writing and new media skills.

Nochex - Accept auction payments.

Outdoor Photographer - A national magazine published 11 times per year for enthusiasts with a special passion for nature, travel and outdoor sports. Submission guidelines available.

Paypal - Accept payments for your business or cottage industry. Or just persuade someone to send some cash.

The Photography Palour - A place for all aspiring pro photographers to go and relax, grab a cup of tea and mingle with likeminded folks.

Sovereign Academy - A four day camp in Lithuania where a selected group of 50 students learns how to make money and control their time, guided by successful entrepreneurs and investors who have actually done it.

Toms Adventure - Tom Noonan sells websites via Flippa, and has sold around 40 so far for over $200k. This is his main travel blog but it includes plenty of information on how he earns his money online.

Transitions Abroad - A work and travel website and print magazine. Guidelines available for photograph and article submission. - A community for travel writers offering marketing and collaborative tools such as press trip and press release distribution services, up to date market news, a bulletin board system, industry news, and many other tools.

Warrior Forum - Well used internet marketing forums.

WorldPay - Credit card processing service.