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Taking a Gap Year

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Taking a Gap Year


Most of the links in the Directory could be considered gap year links in one way or another but this section focuses on what could be called the 'gap year market' of organised voluntary work placements mixed with travel, character or skill building expeditions and courses, and organisations appealing to students

Volunteer Travel
From working for an English language newspaper in Mongolia to turtle conservation in Guatemala, a huge range of organised placements are available for a fee

Voluntary Work
Unpaid positions and self funded jobs for those who care. In developing countries it's usually all there is available to unskilled foreigners

Character building expeditions to jungles, mountains, deserts and oceans for young people looking for a challenge and adventure

Internships & Work Placements
Paid work experience in tourism, business, IT, engineering, industry, government, etc. Mostly open to university students and recent graduates

Get instruction in mountain or water sports and even qualify to become an instructor yourself. Alternatively, learn to cook or improve a foreign language Also includes student educational exchanges

Study Abroad
Longer term study in another country for school or university students.

Career Break
A growing range of opportunities are offered to grown up gappers looking to readdress their work life balancing act; or to adventurous retirees with time on their hands

Student Sites
A selection from the range of resources and information available to students, covering health, discounts, returning to study and what to do after graduation

Information & Resources
A popular subject, their are a number of websites offering ideas, advice and information on how to best spend your time out

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