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Moving & Settling In

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Top Sites

Direct Gov - Information for Britons living abroad covering pensions, national insurance, exporting your vehicles and more.


Andrew Copeland Insurance - Property insurance in many European countries. Online quote available.

AngloInfo - Local information for living in another country including a directory of businesses and services.

Babel - Chat without borders and improve your language skills.

BBC Languages - Get more from your new home by learning the language.

BBC Radio 1 - We can't use the iplayer to get BBC TV but we can get the radio.

Britons Living Abroad - Advice from DirectGov covering education, health and money matters.

Direct Gov - Information for Britons living abroad covering pensions, national insurance, exporting your vehicles and more. - Breaking up is hard to do and doing it abroad can be even harder. Advice here.

Ethnologue - An encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s 6,912 known living languages.

EURA - Relocation service providers in 56 countries.

Expat Shield - Get a UK IP address and watch UK TV in exchange for putting up with an ad in the top part of your browser. Free download.

F & N International Removals - Relocation transport. Get a free quote online. - Advertise your holiday home for let. - Advertise your home to reach millions of travellers. - An online change of address service.

Indo-European languages - Free language tutorials for 15 European languages.

Internet Polyglot - Free online language lessons. - Users of this website can ask and answer questions with other users, share files of lessons, find language resources and join a group of fellow learners.

LingQ - Practice your pronunciation amongst this online community of language learners, learn new vocabulary, download podcasts and have your writing corrected.

Livemocha - Learn a language and practice with native speakers.

Mango Languages - Learn a language through native conversations.

MIT Opencourseware - Free publication of language course materials used at MIT.

My House and Garden - Interior and garden ideas. Also includes worldwide list of real estate links.

Owners Direct - Let out your holiday home.

Phrasebase - A language learning social network.

Skype - Make free or cheap calls from your computer.

Stuff Back Home - British food shop online, delivering to you anywhere worldwide, straight to your door.

Voipfone - Get a UK phone number so friends and family can call you cheaply, or give the appearance of a London office.

William Russell - Global health, life and income insurance policies for expatriates.