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Budget & Independent Travel Abroad

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Air, Land & Sea
Air, rail, road and sea transport links and anything else to do with getting there and around

Budget & Backpacker
Advice, information and resources for backpackers, budget travellers, vagabonds, hitchhikers and nomads

Communication, Maps & Equipment
Links for finding maps and equipment, learning or translating a language and keeping in touch

Health, Safety & Insurance
Websites and organisations that specialise in helping travellers to avoid travel nasties ranging from thieves and diseases to terrorism

Hostels, Home Exchange & House Sitting
Where to stay, including hostel searches and directories, home exchanges, hospitality exchanges and house sitting

Reading & Reference
Travel reading from guidebook publishers to websites with something to say

Tips & Tools
Travel tips and Internet tools to help make life easier, from ATM locators to finding lost travel pals

Travelogues & Blogs
Follow other travellers around the world, see pictures and read stories of how they did it

Other sections of the Directory:

Working Abroad... Gap Year... Living Abroad... Travel... Region & Country... New Links...