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Directory Working Abroad

Working Abroad

The Working Abroad section of the Directory includes links to websites of both employers and other sites that may be invaluable in your job hunt

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Tourism, Catering & Hospitality
Find jobs with tour operators, in hotels, restaurants, bars and resorts, or with airlines, overland companies, travel agencies and working on cruise ships and yachts

Ski Resort Jobs
From ski and snowboard instructor courses suitable for gap students to career jobs with the big tour operators. Also links to agencies and ski recruitment websites

Sports & Leisure
If you have skills and the temperament to pass them on to others you'll earn overseas. Potential employers include American summer camps and European activity centres

Sea & Sky
From services matching yacht skippers and unpaid crew to global cruise and air lines, there are still ways to cross oceans cheaply by working your passage

Nursing & Care Work
Information and resources for qualified medical staff. Focusing mostly on nursing abroad this section lists hospitals, nursing agencies and other recruiters

Childcare & Domestic
There are many agencies and recruitment websites available to help young women learn a new language and earn a small sum while working as an au pair or nanny

Teaching English
Information and resources for career English teachers and travellers interested in teaching English as a Foreign Language, plus large links to EFL schools and recruiters

Creativity & Enterprise
Can't find or don't want a job? Why not create your own. In many corners of the world travellers have used their talents and ideas to stay for longer

Other Work
There are many other ways to finance a stay away from home, from skilled trades like accountancy to fruit picking or subjecting your body to clinical medical studies

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Directory Working Abroad