DJing in Dubai

by Ian Wood

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DJ Jobs in Dubai, UAE


I have just returned from working out in the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) after 3 years. I was working out there as a DJ in various 5 star hotels.

In the UAE, most nightclubs are affiliated to hotels, so you live in the hotel free of charge, and recieve various perks such as half-price phone calls, room service and free laundry.

I joined an agency in London (Julianas Leisure Services), who arranged everything. All you need to do is send them a demo tape and then go along for an interview. As vacancies are limited, I would highly recommend phoning on a regular basis to ensure that they remember your name!

Although I left the agency and worked freelance for a while (Local clubs are screaming out for UK DJ's), I really enjoyed my time out there. There were however, pro's and con's to the job;


* Working 6-7 nights a week (10pm - 3pm), leaving your day free to get a suntan

* The constant 35 degree C temperature. Most hotels also have a beach or pool

* The fame! (Although this can be a con too!)

* The hotel / agency pays for your flight, visas and covers your food and laundry too.


* Although there's an abundance of bars in the UAE, it is illegal to be drunk in public.

* Feelings towards British and American people CAN be hostile on rare occasions.

* Even though you're working a few hours a night, it can be tiring after a few months in the same club (Average contract is 3 months long initially)

* The music scene is very out of date! ; don't even try to educate the crowd about new music

Overall, a great working holiday!

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