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Earnings in America

Get a job in the USA


Getting the J-1 visa, allowing work in the States, can be an absolute sod. You're going to have to latch onto an organisation in the UK (or your home country) if you want to work legally in America. Let them sort out the niggles of dealing with the US bureaucracy

Each year the parents of seven million children offload their offspring at American summer camps, earning themselves a respite and you a few hundred dollars for looking after them. The work, in beautiful countryside, usually beside a lake, involves coaching the children in activities such as archery, football, painting, scuba diving or pottery, for nine weeks over the summer. A second option, if you don't want to deal with the children first hand, open to students only, is in background organisation of the camp: cooking, cleaning, maintenance, security and clerical. For more info contact Camp Counselors USA, Camp America  or BUNAC

Full time students, over 18, are eligible for another BUNAC scheme: BUNAC Work America (address as above). This is more flexible, allowing you to take any job, anywhere in America, that you can arrange. Arrange one yourself in advance with your own contacts, make use of the BUNAC job directory or wait until you arrive in the States.

The fun thing about meeting American children is that you can supplement their already large vocabulary of swear words with English ones that they would not have heard before. DON'T DO THIS if you want Au Pair in America to organise an au pair placement for you. You are, however, expected to work for 12 months, earning $200 a week, in return for 45 hours of childcare and light housekeeping duties. Request more details from Au Pair in America if you are an 18 to 26 year old, non-smoking driver with childcare experience.

Worthy work can be had by joining Winant Clayton Volunteers in its efforts with drug rehabilitation projects, with the elderly, homeless, and HIV/AIDS sufferers in New York. The exchange programme last for eight weeks over the summer and Americans can also apply to work in London. Volunteers pay £1500 to cover airfares, food and accommodation. A bursary is available to volunteers who otherwise could not afford to take part.

Lastly, a scheme that will cost you a bit - around £3,300 to cover flights, insurance, living costs and accommodation - but, in the long run, having this on you CV will probably more than recoup the expense. The English Speaking Union operate Capitol Hill Scholarships. Applicants in their last two years at university may apply for an internship in the offices of members of the US Congress. Past interns have worked on the President's re-election campaign and for Edward Kennedy. Bursaries may be available and the ESU also run other scholarship programmes.

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