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Live, Work & Travel in France


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Living in France

Real Estate and Resources for Staying Long Term - Property finding portal for the Lorraine region of France.

Bowhills - Let out your French property. Bowhills are also active in Iberia, Italy and Cyprus. - Based in the UK this is a comprehensive selection of properties through several different regions from Normandy in the north to Languedoc in the south.

Chez Nous - Advertise your French property among the over 7000 privately owned properties listed here.

Cordiez Law - A licensed solicitor with over 10 years of experience, Fabien Cordiez is regulated by the French Bar Association and is also a non practicing member of the UK Law Society.

Erna Low Property - The ski company has established an award winning property sales service covering France and other skiing destinations.

France this Way - Lots of information about moving and living in France as well as travel information.

French Entree - Another quality and comprehensive website on all things to do with buying, living and travelling in France. Among the superb range of articles are how to get help with dyslexia in France, wines for vegetarians and laws and regulations affecting life in the country.

Internet French Property - A portal for finding property in France, this site includes a number of excellent guides on topics such as building a home in France, health cover and letting, a newsletter, forums and a services directory.

Latitudes - French property agents.

Living France - All about French property, travel and lifestyle including a property search.

Lost in France - A guide to living in France including lots of information about buying a house, tax and renovating.

This French Life - A good website for living life the French way.

Travelling in France

Accommodation & Getting Around

French at a Touch - A directory for everything French with detailed information on Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Quebec and Switzerland. There are maps and photos, history, specific Information on French regions and major cities, travel information, business, employment and more.

Other Useful French Websites

Culture, News...

AFP - Worldwide news agency.

Azurlingua - Offering French language courses in Nice including courses for adults, teenagers and for teachers of French as second language.

British Embassy, France

Greolingua - Learn French in the French village of Gréolières with hiking in the mountains as part of your French curriculum.

Language Trainers - French courses, they describe themselves as a gentle way to language training with native speakers and qualified trainers anywhere in the UK.

Paris Lengues - Belonging to the CEI group, at this Paris language school students may choose different courses from two weeks to nine months.

Yahoo! France