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For employers and businesses we offer several options to fill job vacancies and find volunteers and participants in gap year programmes or courses.

“Thanks again for posting our ad yesterday. Since the advert went up, we have actually been inundated with applications for the June course and some of our other courses. Which is AMAZING! As a result however, we are actually now full for June, and so if possible, please could we take the advert down again? Very sorry to bother you with this…we didn’t expect such an amazing response!”

“We have had many wonderful travellers off your site who I think thoroughly enjoyed themselves and some have even gone back to the UK and returned to NZ for a second season.

“Is it possible to have an ad taken down early? I have been flooded with email and have therefore been able to select a couple already. I am so grateful to your site and the chance it has given us to be able to find interesting people for a win win learning experience. I would recommend this site to others, as it has been so helpful to us.”

* Our service here is new. The comments above are about our other recruitment site, the Jobs Abroad Bulletin. Overseas Job Centre partners and advertisers can also be featured there too.

Why Get Listed Here?

We are always looking for great jobs or experiences to put in front of our readers. The Overseas Job Centre is best suited to organisations that frequently look to recruit people wanting short term work abroad, volunteer work or to take a gap year. Our websites receive up to 140,000 visits each month (31,330 for the Overseas Job Centre in January 2017) from people looking to work abroad in various positions, including in tourism, hospitality and leisure, ski resorts, teaching and TEFL, nursing and care work, childcare, farm and animal jobs.

How to be Featured in the Overseas Job Centre 

We provide three options to be included: 

Option 1 - DClick

£500 per year

We call DClick our Adsense with a twist. DClick is a combination of cost per click (CPC) and display advertising. DClick can put all our sites, not just the Overseas Job Centre, at your disposal through a mixture of text and graphic advertising options to do whatever it takes to get you your purchased number of clicks. Please visit our DClick advertising page for more information.

Option 2 - Basic Display

£250 per year

We put a picture and some compelling words on our site. Our readers see it, like it, and drop by yours to find out more. This is our simplest form of advertising and we can have you on the Overseas Job Centre straight away. We recommend that you provide us with a larger copy of your photo though, just in case we really like what you are offering our readers and we decide to  upgrade your advert at no extra charge. 

Option 3 - Your Idea


Perhaps you have your own ideas on how best we can work with each other? We have designed the Overseas Job Centre to be a place where we can refer our readers to exciting or profitable ways to live, travel and work abroad. If you have another way that we can do this for you, we are happy to consider it.


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