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An Intrepid Tour Leader

by Marlo Perry

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Tour Leader Job in Southeast Asia


1. The Apprentice

27th December 2003
Hello hello,
Hope this finds you enjoying the last couple of days of 2003. I am having an absolute ball, why? For those who don't know I have just got a new job and it doesn't involve making coffee! I am now employed by Intrepid.

They are an Australian based company which focuses on running tours through Asia. What do I know about Asia? Well, give me a month and I'll let you know!! My job is as group leader, so I have to make sure that the 12 odd people on the trip get from A to B having their best holiday ever in the process. How hard can that be......

My first couple of trips will be through Vietnam, where I am right this very second, listening to the millions of motorbikes hooning around Ho Chi Minh City. I will also be working in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. Yes I know it sounds too good to be true. I am waiting for the Candid Camera guys to step out from behind a cyclo and tape the expression on my face as they tell me it is a hoax!

For those who weren't part of my South American Odyssey mailing list, you have soo much to look forward to as I make up, I mean describe my goings on. Maybe a few less volcanos but I'm sure to get myself into some kind of trouble, otherwise it would be so boring for you all!

So welcome back to my mailing list, work hard, you know I will be:-)

About the Author
Marlo Perry is a Group Leader for Intrepid Travel. She likes looking at cakes and can kill a man with her bare hands.

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