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by Marlo Perry

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10. It Depends

19th June 2004
Hello Allo,
It is currently 11:30pm I am sitting in the office trying to finish all the paperwork before my latest trip leaves (7am in the morning). Just met my group - seem like a good bunch but it can be dodgy to call this early on in the trip.

Usually have mainly Australian, English, USA but have very mixed group. Including a Mexican lady who doesn't speak English - time to show off! However there is also an Italian, two other Mexicans, a Brazilian and a Welsh guy who speaks Italian who can all kind of communicate amongst each other so I could look like an arse as I say "well it kind of depends" - my favourite Spanish phrase.

Must have looked a treat when I met them all, I have a black eye at the moment from the kickboxing gym, bruised knuckles (from taking out my frustrations on the punching bags) and a slight limp because I slipped over on the footpath (did I feel like a stupid fool!!!) Hi everyone I am Marlo and I will be looking after you for the next three weeks - can barely look after myself!

Really have to go, more number punching and packing to do. GO PORTUGAL!

About the Author
Marlo Perry is a Group Leader for Intrepid Travel. She likes looking at cakes and can kill a man with her bare hands.

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