An Intrepid Tour Leader

by Marlo Perry

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11. A&E

25th July 2004
Hi Everyone,
Yes I have been slack in the whole communication department but I've been working really hard (seriously :-) I left Bangkok the first week of June and have worked non stop, (well I had one day off in Hanoi) until today.

Exhausted. Actually had my worst trip ever during that period as well. I managed to lose five people and the group didn't all meet up until day 5 of a ten day trip. Four hospital visits (infected sores, dehydrated hypochondriac and a broken arm after a motorbike accident) Yes it really was the worst trip ever.

I needed a good week to recover from that but instead I had back to back trips so no such luck. I managed to pick up an AC disease, well at least I think I picked it up from an air conditioner - do you remember those things - really necessary in the warm climate here (ha ha ha!). But the joke is on me as I more or less lost my voice, not the best thing to lose in this job, actually losing passenger passports would be worse...

Went to the doctor today and he said not to speak and to get some rest and then gave me a whole plastic bag full of drugs, they seriously weigh about half a kilo and are only for one week. It looks like I have a major disease as I sit at each meal popping a dozen pills of all didn't shapes and sizes. Cheap doctor visit though, about $8 and the medication cost me about $9. Got to love Thailand.

So I was all set to enjoy this week off that I had scheduled after six weeks of work but not to be. I got a call from my Australian boss as I was hanging out in Siem Reap (Cambodia) asking if I could do a favour and fill in a trip, not like you can say no to your boss. So I have two days off before starting a trip which I have never run before.

It is a loop trip starting in Bangkok travelling through Northern Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and ending in Cambodia. Could be great fun however it takes one month and it is with the same group of people, so could suck big time. I am preparing myself to look like a fool for the first two weeks as I lead them blindly through Thailand and Laos but once we hit Vietnam I will know what I am doing but there is a good chance they will think I am a fool who knows nothing by the time we get there.

So it will be challenging but I am a 'little' annoyed that I miss out on my week off, sure I get a few days but I am spending those trying to learn about this trip so it really isn't the same as heading off to the movies and completely relaxing.

Added to that my stupid flu so I am not going to Muay Thai cos I feel like crap and getting beaten up wouldn't help the self esteem before this big trip.

Anyways hope all is well in your part of the world.

About the Author
Marlo Perry is a Group Leader for Intrepid Travel. She likes looking at cakes and can kill a man with her bare hands.

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