An Intrepid Tour Leader

by Marlo Perry

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15. Burma

23 December 2004
Hi Everybody,
Thought I'd send a note and spread the Christmas cheer from South East Asia. I have had a wonderful December filled with very little work and lots of play. I organised for some time off work to spend with my Mum and her man Kevin. After a few days trying to lose them in Bangkok we headed over to Myanmar (formally known as Burma).

Had a great couple of weeks. Good to be doing some independent travel again without the restrictions of schedules, itineraries and bosses. Knew very little about Myanmar before we left. I had had a couple of passengers on a trip who raved about it and they were right.

Yangon the capital was rather uninspiring but an overnight bus trip later we were in Mandalay. Great little trips nearby to old cities and boat trips on the Irrawaddy river. Then went on to Bagan which in my view was more spectacular than the Angkor complex. HEAPS of little temples scattering the countryside. Got myself a bike and cruised around for three days exploring. Peak tourist season in Myanmar and you could spend an afternoon and not bump into another westerner.

Mum and Kevin took an easy option and flew back down to Yangon. And me, the 'Intrepid traveller' got on another overnight bus on a dirt track to road trip my way back to the capital. Heaps great time overall. So when you come and see me in Vietnam or Cambodia head on to Myanmar as well.

Christmas in a few days. Santa is meant to be making an appearance at the base hotel to try and get us into the Christmas spirit of things. Starting work on boxing day then a full on couple of months. Been scheduled to run a Vietnam Family trip which should be fun, me and a dozen kids. I'll take the Playstation and maybe rent it out to the brats, for $5 an hour. Also bought myself a monster push scooter to handle the cracked footpaths of Vietnam and I might try the dirt tracks in Cambodia. Fun fun fun.
Merry Christmas

About the Author
Marlo Perry is a Group Leader for Intrepid Travel. She likes looking at cakes and can kill a man with her bare hands.

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