An Intrepid Tour Leader

by Marlo Perry

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18. Sick Note

27 May 2005

Hi Everybody,
Couldn't remember if I had been slack or not on the email front so I thought its better to be safe than sorry.

Things going well over here in South East Asia. I am working at the moment on my favourite trip the Indochina Loop, even better is that I have a trainee with me so I actually haven't been working all that much as I am getting her to do it all. So it has been more relaxing than normal and so far the group is getting along stunningly well so no problems on that front either.

I can't remember who I have mentioned it to or not but it was the major event of the start of the month. Me getting sick. Not just a little bit of a flu sick but a dose of septicemia, blood poisoning. Picked it up in Cambodia where some odd bacteria got in through a small cut I had on my elbow. My whole left forearm swelled up, I lost movement in my wrist and fingers and could see the infection spreading down my arm.

The doctors got me on antibiotics pretty quick but I was down for a couple of weeks - got to take "a sickie" and hung out in Ho Chi Minh City for over a week until the doctors were convinced I was on the path to recovery. I have a $1000 (USD that is) medical insurance claim. Its in the works at the moment so until that comes through I am not a big spender.

Heaps of new leaders have joined the Intrepid family in Indochina. Five new recruits with the trainee I have and another five next month. The company is definitely expanding. Has anyone been to the shops? One is in Mebourne CBD and the other is in London in Islington I think.

With all the new recruits I have found myself in the 'experienced' category of leaders which is odd as I don't feel like I have been here that long. But I am getting some great trips.

Next month I am running one of the Vietnam Expedition trips which has only had three departures. It sounds like a great trip, active as well - hiking in the central highlands, kayaking out on Halong Bay, a few homestays down in the Mekong Delta.

Should be good but before that they are again trusting me with a bunch of kids and I will run one of the Family Adventure trips. That's also a great trip as we spend a day at the waterpark on the waterslides and have heaps of beach days and fewer travel days than a lot of the other trips.

So, after my horrific blood poisoning start to the month things look bright for the next few months. Now I just have to convince a few more of you to come and over and visit!
Stay well

About the Author
Marlo Perry is a Group Leader for the Australian based tour operator, Intrepid Travel.

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