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21. My Life. Ideas Needed

26 March 2006
Hello out there,
I can't remember when I last wrote so I should say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, all that kind of stuff just in case I forgot, I may add in a Happy Easter too as I think that is coming up. It is hard to know though as there aren't any Easter Bunnies or chocolate eggs so I don't know which holiday is closest.

Speaking of holidays I have just had one - a whole month. It was very relaxing. I spent two weeks in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) as my Mum came over from Australia. We didn't do all that much; shopping, eating, relaxing. Nice not to go and see tourist spots again and again and again.

Now back in Thailand up in the hills trying to get away from the heat - yes bloody hot at the moment. Easily be 40 degrees each day with massive humidity. I thought I was kind of used to it but I still seek out an air conditioned building now and then just to give my body a break. And I found the most unreal air conditioned building in Bangkok the very newest of shopping malls Siam Paragon, MASSIVE doesn't even to begin to describe it. When I went in I got lost in the food court - it is that big. There are about 56 Starbucks inside, and a Sea World and movie cinema, bowling alley, karaoke rooms (of course). Need a month just to explore the place!

Off to Hanoi in a few days to start work - a cycle trip. Two weeks and 40 people! Yes that is a big group but between them all they should all be able to give me a drink now and then. It should be ok, I went for a run last weekend. Another half marathon (just for the t-shirt!). It was too bloody hot though as the race started after 6:30am when the sun is already heating up. Also I had to wake up at 2:30am to catch the bus to the race location. All in all a pretty stupid idea but the course was nice and the t-shirt is very cool.

My work contract is up again in less than two months. So I have to make a decision on what to do - all ideas would be most appreciated. Should I stay or should I go? Go where, do what. Can someone please plan my life... :-)


About the Author
Marlo Perry is a Group Leader for the Australian based tour operator, Intrepid Travel.

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