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by Marlo Perry

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3. Half Way

13th January 2004
Hello Guys,
Am about half way through my very first trip, so far so good.... phew! One guy has just managed to strain a hammy trying to kick the stupid hacky sack so I won't be bringing that game out for awhile! But apart from that no major issues.

Have had pretty ordinary weather all the way down but I'm not the weather God so I just put on a happy face and tell everyone it adds to the atmosphere! Hard to do whilst on the motorbike tour in a downpour. Everyone was saturated but still good fun!

Am in Hoi An right now, probably my most favourite city in Vietnam. Cosy. Nice place to hang out for awhile. The group is doing an optional day trip tomorrow so I will bum around on the beach (weather permitting or bum around in a cafe - one of the few places in Vietnam you can get a 'real' cappuccino!) What a job!

I still haven't learnt how to do accounts so I will have a crash course in that when I finish my trip; how far over budget can I get? Just act stupid - works just fine.

My Vietnamese has halted a bit, I am hoping for a couple of days off so I can find a teacher and get some lessons under my belt. Still cant differentiate between ba=grandmother and ba=three. Just need some time and all will be good - In a very positive frame of mind at the moment. I know it won't last so I am making the most of it.

Still learning the craft of how to not let the group know that you are getting a free meal. Have a bit of a conscience at the moment so I tend to buy a round of drinks at the pub afterwards - more or less the same price. Tips from other leaders include going to the toilet for a very long time or asking everyone to put in what they think they owe. Tricky. But it seems to be the culture here that the leader in a group doesn't have to pay. The way has been paved quite nicely for me!

So, five days to go. Then I'll get my feedback on how they thought I did. I told them it was my first trip leading in Vietnam, so they have been pretty supportive.

Off to improve my pool skills. Work Hard - You know I will be!

About the Author
Marlo Perry leads tour groups around South East Asia for Intrepid Travel. Marlo is black belt in karate and likes finding things to buy for under 10p.

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