An Intrepid Tour Leader

by Marlo Perry

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9. Bangkok

8th June 2004
Welcome (back) to Bangkok! I have been working hard as always, ha ha ha. Just completed a three week trip with the hugest group ever - three people. Yep just three.

I was very very lucky that they were normal cruisy people. It could have been very bad otherwise. But they were content if I could show them to a bar in the evenings and a cake and coffeeshop in the mornings. We got along well enough together that we are meeting up in Bangkok too, a cool little blues club just down the street.

I have the joy of two weeks off, yes as I say working hard, then starting to lead trips through Cambodia. I am looking forward to challenge of that. I have to do heaps of reading beforehand though so it is good I have a lot of time off. I have three Mexicans, an Italian, a Brazillian, UK, USA and Aussies on my next trip very multicultural. Could be great could be horrific!

My new bosses were doing a tour of duty through Vietnam whilst I was leading. There has been a change of the boss in Melbourne office for the Indochina region so she was meeting all the operators and leaders. They were in the same hotel I was in for the trip in Hoi An so it meant I couldn't play up too much and was on my best behaviour. Although my old boss was very impressed when he found out I carried around a Playstation in my backpack.

Very sad life I know, but Vietnamese TV can drive you insane. When they dub over a Chinese show, instead of using several people for the different characters they just have one voice, one voice for every man woman and child on the TV program. I never have any clue as to who is speaking to who!

The weather in Vietnam is improving up north. Second time in six months I have seen blue sky in Halong Bay. Great way to finish the trip with three people, we had a huge boat (sleeps up to 20!) them, me a local guide and a crew of five, blue skies, seafood banquet, deck chairs on top, swimming, Yes really roughing it! Well the trip does but the last couple of days we try and end on a high, so people can forget all the bad times. It was good boat crew I got them to teach me how to play Chinese chess, exercises the mind, a little tricky as all the pieces have Chinese characters on them and they are different for red and black team. Odd.

Back to doing some physical exercise as well at the Muay Thai gym here in Bangkok. Although I nearly busted my nose last night, stupid German tourist showing off and playing way to hard, but the Thai guys got him back (ha ha ha). At least the blood from my nose washed out a lot of Bangkok's pollution. Reading the paper in the mornings they always have the air quality index, most days it sits on a charming orange colour - the unhealthy zone. Fresh air in Cambodia soon.

About the Author
Marlo Perry is a Group Leader for Intrepid Travel in South East Asia.

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