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Live, Work & Travel in Japan


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Employment Resources for Finding Work in Japan Continued...

Advice & Useful Sites for Finding Work

O-Hayo Sensei - Free electronic newsletter that typically lists 100+ teaching (and other English language related) positions at dozens of different schools and companies all across Japan.A browser edition is also available to view.

121 - Caters to Japan based language teachers and and is useful to anyone teaching in Japan that would like to teach private lessons in English or any other languages.

Visiting Japan Information - Includes working holiday programmes for citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Korea.

Gap Year & Voluntary Work in Japan

Unpaid Positions & Adventure

Asakusa Smile - Work for accommodaton volunteers acceted in Tokyo.

CRASH Disaster Relief - Love on Japan was the response to the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster of this Christian disaster relief organisation based in Tokyo. Volunteers were placed in response to the requests and needs of partner organisations and local churches in the disaster area.

Hana Hostel - Hana Hostel allows guests to stay for free by volunteering for a few hours a day. Hana Hostels can be found in Kyoto, Hiroshima, Kukuoka and Osaka.

Hostel Akari - Take on staff in Nagasaki who can help with cleaning and do some maintenance work.

IchiEnSou - A Kyoto guesthouse where it may be possible to work for your stay.

J-Hoppers Guesthouse - A helper for cleaning and party organising is occasionally required in this backpacker hostel group related to the above Hana Hostels. Language, DIY and cooking skills, plus a working holiday visa, are all beneficial to any application.  A dorm bed, bicycle and laundry, but not food, are given in return. Branches of J-Hoppers can be found in Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and Takayama.

Khaosan Tokyo - Work exchanges are offered in this Tokyo guesthouse, and also in their Kyoto, Beppu City and Fukuoka hostels.

K’s House - A backpacker hostel chain with work exchange possibilities in its eight branches.

MorinoKi - Operates a Working Holiday on Otaru Project (WHOOP) and call their volunteers Whoopers - but don’t let that put you off. Whoopers spend four hours a day bed making, cleaning, gardening, and keeping a daily blog diary. Whoopers should be aged 18 to 35, tidy, creative, chatty creative and like animals. There is an application form on the website.

WWOOF Japan - A rare opportunity to find non teaching work in Japan.

Yayoda Guesthouse - Volunteers working for their bed are enouraged at this Tokyo guesthouse.

Living in Japan

Real Estate and Resources for Staying Long Term

The Japan Blog List - A list of Japan related blogs that are written in English.

Life of an American Mommy Living in Japan - A Denver girl meets an Osaka boy at university, has kids and eventually moves to Japan.

Surviving in Japan - A how to guide for living in Japan.

Travelling in Japan

Accommodation & Getting Around

Japan National Tourist Organisation - Official site.

Tokyo Disneyland

Other Useful Japanese Websites

Culture, News...

The Asahi Shimbun - Newspaper.

The Daily Yomiuri - Newspaper. - HumourousEnglish mistakes that appear in Japanese advertsing and product design.

Japanese Culture - A Primer for Newcomers - A guide to possible culture problems one may encounter out East including a comparison between the Japanese and the Borg from Star Trek.

Japanese-Online - Japanese lessons.

The Japan Times - English language newspaper.

Step Up Nihongo - Online Japanese language courses.