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Teach English in Vietnam

Currently we have two very different ideas for you to choose from for making your living in Vietnam dream come true. Decide on enlisting the services of a teacher who, after falling in love with the country and its people, provides a personal, bespoke service, or consider the DIY route with the aide of a good ebook.

Sometimes Teachers Just Need a Friend

Teacher's Friend Vietnam Provide a Complete Guide to Teaching English in Vietnam

Having lived, worked and travelled extensively in Vietnam Georgie Snape helps adventure seekers and travel lovers relocate to Vietnam to teach English and start a new life. She'll be there to help every step of the way, from well before you arrive to well after you are a seasoned teacher and traveller!

After signing up with her you’ll have a friend to ask all of those vital questions during the lead up to your departure for Vietnam, to get you through the complicated visa process, to help with the pre-travel jitters and to fill you with excitement for your adventure. Within a week of arrival you’ll have a new job, awesome home, flashy motorbike, a heap of lesson plans and will have been for a beer or two in your local area.

Unlike other Teach Abroad programs, you are left with the freedom to make your own choices and decide what's best for you with the help and guidance from someone who's actually been there and done it themselves. 

For a one-off fee you will get unlimited support, help and assistance from the minute you sign up and throughout your journey in Vietnam. Get all the help from someone who has made all of the mistakes so that you don’t have to! Georgie will be your guide, your friend, your support network and much more, going above and beyond expectations every single time. Nothing is a silly question, nothing is too much to ask and you have nothing to lose!

How to Teach English in Vietnam

So, you want to teach in Vietnam? Then you’re in for one hell of an adventure. Amy Blyth and husband Andrew spent a year teaching in Hanoi and it was one of the most incredible, crazy periods of their lives. To answer the many queries they receive on how to move to Vietnam to teach, including how to find a job, what you can expect to earn, where to get a visa and how to find an apartment,  they created this ebook.