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Jobs in Tourism

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Working Abroad in Tourism Jobs


Finding a job in the world's largest industry isn't too difficult if you are resourceful and determined. Social skills are a must and language ability is always welcomed.

Usually the summer of the country you intend to work in. Jobs will also be available in spring through to autumn. And don't forget about the thriving winter tourism industry which we cover in Ski Jobs

Wherever tourists are in abundance: beaches, bars, hotels, theme parks, cruise ships, monuments, festivals, and other attractions.

The tourist industry is the world's largest employer. A variety of operations exist to service the needs of holidaymakers, from a small kiosk on a beach to large hotels and tour operators.

Small enterprises will require sales staff to sell sunglasses, ice cream, beer, inflatable airbeds, etc and jobs can be picked up on the spot at the resort.

Tour operators will want to ensure their clients' holiday goes smoothly and that they have a good time. Tour operators employ thousands of staff to make this happen, from reps to warehouse staff.

It depends on the job and the employer. Tour operators generally ask for a minimum age of 18, though 21 or older is preferred for some positions. Dealing with customers requires good inter personal skills, maturity and grooming. A second language looks good on a cv/resume and is often required.

Tours operators don't pay great wages, but, as with most opportunities on this site, money should not be the main priority. Along with your wage you may also be able to look forward to free accommodation, meals and insurance.

Add free sun, a great social life and travel to your destination and it is not hard to see why demand for these jobs outstrips supply.

Finding Work
Either fix up a job with a tour operator or theme park in advance or head to your favoured destination and ask around. Competition is heavy for jobs with the tour operators; many positions have hundreds, sometimes thousands of applicantions. But take heart, most will apply to more than one company and there are a lot of vacancies each year.

Get used to smiling a lot.

Further Information
Working in Tourism and Working on Cruise Ships by Vacation Work. Both books are full of invaluable information, personal experiences and contact details. The latest editions are available from

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