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Live, Work & Travel in Latin America


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Gap Year & Voluntary Work in Latin America Continued...

Unpaid Positions & Adventure

Social Entrepreneur Corps - Social Entrepreneur Corps leads innovative and dynamic impact immersion programmes in Latin America. Volunteer fees are expensive.

Spanglish Exchange - Combines nightlife and education pairing native Spanish speakers with native English speakers in a series of conversations. Native English speakers can volunteer in Buenos Aires to teach English to students ranging from the age of five years old to adults.

Spanish in Peru - Spanish language courses in Peru. The website includes practical information about Peru a volunteer programme for those that wish to live and work in Peru to experience first hand the country's rich cultural diversity and its many-faceted heritage.

Spanish School in Buenos Aires - Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires. Also volunteer work, tours and Spanish lessons in Bariloche and Cusco, Peru.

Stolas Hostel - A San Jose hostel that accepts volunteers.

Supporting Guasa - An NGO based in Sweden which carries out educational projects in village in Dominican Republic. They are looking for native English teachers (or near native) as as well anyone with experience or knowledge of women's groups and anyone anyone with good computer skills.

Supporting Kids in Peru - An NGO working in an impoverished district of Trujillo. Volunteers willing to teach English to primary school children come in useful.

Sustainable Bolivia - A non profit community of 36 partner organisations in Cochabamba with numerous volunteer and internship opportunities.

Terrace Hostel - Volunteers are expected to work 35 hours a week, including one bar shift where you keep tips and a percentage of sales, for a bed and two meals a day in Antigua, Guatemala.

Terranova Hostel - 24 hours’ work a week welcoming and assisting their guests is the requirement from this Buenos Aires hostel. In return they will give volunteers with basic Spanish a bed and breakfast.

T'ika Trek - This tour company owned by a former manager of the Cusco office of South American Explorers offer homestay programmes and occasional volunteer work. Marketing and office interns are also welcomed.

Traveller's Place Hostel - Lodging, breakfast, plus some money to cover food is offered to interns working at this Santiago hostel. This six month commitment is billed as an ideal opportunity for students of hospitality, business, journalism, public relations or similar. See their ‘work with us’ for a little more information on the role.

Tribu Hostel - A Mexican hostel that takes on a volunteer receptionist and bartender. Spanish and English language skills are needed along with a big smile. How long you stay depends how much you like them and how much they like you.

Troncones Point Surf Club and Hostel - Removed from the tourist hustle 20 miles to the north of Ixtapa, Mexico, these guys have in the past taken on an on-site manager in exchange for accommodation, food and a cut of the profits on rented rooms.

Tropical Adventures - A non profit volunteer organisation placing volunteers in community, teaching, indigenous, wildlife and animal rehabilitation projects across Costa Rica. TA welcome volunteers to take part in one or more of these projects for a minimum of one week at any point of the year. They also arrange tours or activities such as rainforest hikes, volcano tours, rafting or Spanish lessons.

Up Close Bolivia - Volunteer work and authentic cultural experiences in Bolivia.

Utila Iguana Research and Breeding Station - Since 1994, the Frankfurt Zoological Society and the Senckenberg Nature Research Society have worked jointly to preserve the Utila Iguana, an endangered reptile living only on the Island of Utila, Honduras. Jobs for volunteers are varied: public relations, environmental education, animal care, gardening, station maintenance and ecological research, are a few examples.

Volunteer Bolivia - Located in Cochabamba, VB will match your skills and interests to local needs in order to provide you with an unforgettable cross cultural experience.

Voluntario Global - Volunteer organisation based in Argentina.

Volunteer Jaime Crazy - Low cost volunteer work in Huarmey. Volunteers stay for two weeks minimum and should be aged over 18.

Volunteer Latin America - An online service whose mission is to help protect Latin America’s flora and fauna, its biodiversity, and to offer the most cost effective way to become an environmental volunteer in Mexico, Central or South America. VLA connect prospective volunteers with hundreds of environmental voluntary and intern projects in Latin America. Their Volunteer Information Guides provide ecologists, wildlife enthusiasts, explorers, and gap year students with all the information they need to get involved. The majority of projects included in the guides are managed by small organisations. Projects run by large organisations, or those run through agencies, are only included if considered to be either value for money or relevant to a specific request. Also excluded are projects where the volunteer is expected to pay unreasonable registration fees.

Volunteer Peten - Focuses on helping volunteers to make significant contributions to Guatemalan communities through conservation and education projects.

Volunteers Abroad Chirimoto - Their online presence needs work as there is no obvious information on what they do on their website, but this organisation got in touch with us to say they need help for the rural people of Chirimoto and other villages of the countryside in Rodríguez de Mendoza in Amazonas Peru, who are in need of improved education and medical care.

Volunteer South America - Dedicated to identifying volunteer positions with small to medium size local organisations in South America. They work with responsible non profit organisations that offer structured volunteering work in properly managed volunteer programmes.

Volunteer South America - A few years ago Steve McElhinney was having trouble finding a volunteer project in Argentina that didn't require stumping up large sums of money to middle men. This simple site listing cheap and free projects in Latin America is the result of his research.

Volunteer Work in South America - Becoming a volunteer in South America is an exciting and rewarding experience that will change your life. Prepare before you travel by researching each of the Latin American countries that you are interested in doing volunteer work in. Some specialise in certain types of volunteer jobs more so than others so it is important to be informed. - Volunteer work in South America. - Includes an NGO directory and volunteer and paid job opportunities in Guatemala.

Wild Rover Hostels - There’s an email, but that’s it, on the jobs page of this hostel group covering La Paz, Cusco and Arequipa, but we’ve seen mention that they do have foreigners working there and that they all seem to be Irish - or at least putting on the accent.

Wiracocha Spanish School - Learn Spanish in Cusco, Peru. Spanish courses, volunteer work, accommodation and excursions.

WWOOF Argentina - A good number of host farms can be found in Argentina.

WWOOF Brazil - Brazil has around 60 host farms within the network.

WWOOF Chile - Members receive a list with more than 100 organic farms by email.

WWOOF Costa Rica - An information service linking travellers with organic farms which promote sustainable farming by hosting travellers for free

Living in Latin America

Real Estate and Resources for Staying Long Term

Abraham Tobago Realty - Homes and land for sale and rent in Tobago.

Living in Mexico - Overseas property investment in Merida and the Yucatan.

Medellin Living - A lifestyle and travel blog for a city increasingly seen as a great place to live.

Travelling in Latin America

Accommodation & Getting Around - A website about one of our favourite cities. Amongst other things this site has a yellow pages including a list of travel agencies, restaurants, hotels and other services of importantance for visitors.

Aerolineas Argentinas - Argentina's national airline.

Another Planet - Formed in South Africa, Another Planet moved to Peru when Lesley, the owner, fell for the country and decided to stay. They make exclusive clothing from cotton, wool and alpaca, operate Hostel Casa de la Gringo, and offer combi tours for laid back clients in Cusco.

Aruba 411 - Aruba website with many guides including vacation packages, hotels and resorts, vacation ideas, plus travel and tourism information.

Belize First - A magazine for travel and life on the Caribbean coast.

Best Andes Travel - Hiking trails, backpacking, camping, trekking, mountain biking, ecotourism, excursions, hotels and outdoor adventure in all Peru. - A guide and pictures of Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District, Belize.

Costa Rica Web - Guide to Costa Rica in English, Spanish and German.

Cuba Pictures - A photo gallery by David Stanley, original author of Lonely Planet Cuba. - Attractive and informative guide to the former capital of the Inca empire.

Easter Island Foundation - A guide to Easter Island, events and scientific studies.

Ecuador Explorer - Tools, tours and general information.

Enjoy Bolivia - A good guide to the country.

Enjoy Peru - A good multi media guide to Peru.

Flying Dog Backpackers - Accommodation in Miraflores, Lima, with a relaxed feel and English speaking staff. The editors of this site stayed here during our first few nights in Peru and recommend the place for bed, breakfast and lounging around Parque Kennedy. There are other Flying Dogs in Cusco, Iquitos and Arequipa..

Ian Anderson's Caves Branch - Adventure and jungle lodge set beneath a 100 foot rainforest canopy in the privately owned 58,000 acre Caves Branch Estate, Belize.

Inca Trail Info - Find Trekking Information about the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.