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Divided into the Greek south and Turkish north, the British, in the form of expats, holidaymakers and the military, have a strong presence in Cyprus. Other foreign powers have coveted and claimed the island down the centuries. English language jobs are limited due to the profusion of English speakers as a second language but, in the south at least, Cyprus's popularity as a tourist destination more than compensates with its requirements for seasonal labour. EU membership enables other Europeans to freely live and work here.



Working in Tourism

Animators encourage holidaymakers staying in hotels to have an active and enjoyable time during their vacations by putting on entertainment and sports programmes suitable to children, teenagers or adults. The activities lead by an animator vary according to the age groups they are aimed at but can be as diverse as calling out bingo numbers to putting on a cabaret show. Agency Remarc’s multilingual animators come from various EU countries and are selected for their outgoing enthusiastic personality, experience, talent, skills and motivation. After successfully completing a training course they are placed in one of 70 partner hotels in Greece and Cyprus.

Those of us more talented with dish cloths and dusters, cooking pots or beer glasses can still find work in hotels as chambermaids, cleaners, cooks, reception or bar staff. lists hotels around the island. For a fee Algoos place staff in hotels through their work and travel programme. InGlobe can also place staff in hotels.

Ayia Napa or Paphos will be the most likely spots to find jobs with clubs and bars. These positions are best picked up on the spot but many restaurant and food service and hospitality and travel jobs are advertised on CyprusNet.

Despite over 90 bars and a dozen clubs Ayia Napa is described by Love Ayia Napa as a small town “so if you are labelled as unreliable, dishonest or being a troublemaker then you might want to think about getting a flight home.” Most jobs here they say “require you to be outgoing, great at talking to people, be reasonably attractive and a natural salesperson.” Their website has more tips and guidelines for workers at

A number of companies have set up to offer a guided service to help energetic young people with robust livers to find work in the resort. These include Feelsummer Workers, Ayia Napa Workers Ltd, Sunkiss Travel and Ayia Napa Workers Rooms.

If you do prefer to find work in advance try the tour operators. Jobs with tour operators are much sought after wherever they are, but even more so in Cyprus. Olympic holidays is one to try. More tour operators and travel agencies can be found through

An option for qualified lifeguards is Ayia Napa’s WaterWorld. For this responsible position successful applicants should be team players aged over 18, hold a current National Pool Lifeguard Qualification or equivalent, and be able to speak English. An application form is available on their website.

Suncare Central provide suncare advisors to to British tour operators, hotels and resorts to teach holidaymakers the best methods to avoid sunburn and other sun related conditions, while promoting their natural skin care, sun protection, and tanning products. More information is available from Suncare’s recruitment website.


Teaching & TEFL in Cyprus

Along with sovereign military base areas Britain's colonial legacy on the island has left a population with good English speaking skills but some jobs may be had with private language schools. The chances of finding work are improved considerably by visiting schools in person.


Au Pair & Nanny Jobs

While limited in the number of positions available the sun, sea and culture of Cyprus make the island an attractive destination for childcarers. Sunny Nanny specialises in placements there.


Low Cost Options for Volunteering

From local NGOs to work exchanges we track down and list a number of opportunities for free or cheap volunteer work in Cyprus on another website in our small group.


Other Ways to Travel or Stay for Free

Stay for free in return for caring for local residents' homes or pets. Join Trusted Housesitters to live rent free as a house sitter (Americans may prefer this link).You can get a free $25 Airbnb credit from us here.


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