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Live, Work & Travel in Greece

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Before the Euroszone debt crisis it was not uncommon in a Greek tourist resort to be enticed into a half Greek, half Irish owned bar by an English tout and served breakfast by a Bulgarian waiter, cooked by an Albanian chef. How Greece's economic difficulties continue to play out remain to be seen but, though no longer the cheap destination it was before the introduction of the Euro, Greece will always attract large numbers of northern European tourists for its sun and sea reputation. Though it may continue to be a popular place to work for young Brits and EU nationals - we are still seeing vacancies for foreign staff sent to the Jobs Abroad Bulletin - the high unemployment rate will surely see more Greeks taking up resort jobs.



Working in Tourism

Small year round populations, a lack of skills locally and a desire for workers that speak the language of their clientele continue to drive the demand for seasonal workers. Even I got offered work in Greece - as a cook in Benitses, Corfu - despite there being no evidence for my potential employer to discern if I could cook or not (pretty much no is the answer).

We also spent some time in Kavos, the lairy resort at the bottom tip of the island. We spotted loads of jobs vacant signs outside bars and clubs and despite the economic downturn confident and approachable Brits with strong livers will still find plenty of work - particularly PRing - if they are on the spot at the right time.

Kos provided jobs for the working age children of some of the expats we met when we first moved to Turkey. Unable to legally work in Asia they found work a few miles away on the nearby Greek island. Other popular resorts for seasonal workers include Faliraki, Malia and Zante, but any decent sized Greek island popular with tourists may provide an income for the summer.

Most tourism jobs in Greece are best found on the spot. The season usually runs from the beginning of May to the end of September. Many small businesses make use of our Jobs Abroad Bulletin to look for staff and we also recommend the jobs in Greece page of

We list many tour operators on the Tourism, Catering & Hospitality Jobs page of our directory but Olympic holidays is one that devotes itself almost solely to the Hellenic world. For representatives and transfer representatives drivers aged over 23 are preferred but some positions are available for shorter periods of between three to four months making them ideal for university students.

British tour operators will require their applicants to accompany an EU passport with a UK National Insurance number and UK bank account but Americans can find tourism jobs in the country too. Greece is a popular destination for American students poking around the ancient world and Abbey Road Programs need summer staff for their language immersion and pre-college programmes in Greece for high schoolers. Airfare from JFK Airport, accommodation and a weekly allowance for meals and incidentals is provided. Travel for Teens is another company to try.

Greek hotels are among those that make use of animators to provide entertainment for their guests. Crete’s Anastasia Hotel is just one of the many hotels on the island that does this. Their animators keep the kids amused for four hours a day and adults for another three, with Sundays off. Experience in animation for children or working in children’s clubs in Hotels before is appreciated, as is experience in easy evening games like bingo, quizzes and karaoke. Here’s another 24 hotels on the island that provide entertainment. Agency Remarc is an agency of long standing that trains and places entertainers in partner hotels around Greece.

Greece's big selling point is the sea and numerous positions are available in, on, under, and beside it. Investing in yourself will improve career prospects and is a popular gap year choice in itself. Numerous companies provide watersports instructor training in holiday locations, including Flying Fish, who are active in Vassiliki on the Greek island of Lefkada.

Sharing the same resort and providing windsurfing holidays is the TUI brand, Club Vass. On the north of the island Milas Beach Resort hires instructors, bar tenders and beach assistants to service holidaying kite boarders and wind surfers. If Club Vass won’t give you a job, look through Flying Fish’s excellent recruitment page. Vassiliki is also the home of Ocean Elements, the summer arm of Alpine Elements. Several other tour operators also operate in the resort. A tourist boat based on the island, the M/S Christina, sometimes has vacancies for crew members.

Yacht jobs can be found with MedSailors and Sunsail, the last of which is part of the TUI Group. Applications to Seafarer to work as flotilla skippers, watersports instructors and hostesses should be submitted in January. They run beach clubs on Kos and Lefkas and sailing holidays in Greece, Turkey and Croatia. Try also Island Sailing.

RYA cruising instructors and skippers are taken on by Sail Ionian. For those that can’t sail but would still like to head out to Greece the company also hires a holiday sales advisor with good computer skills.

Keen to avoid his wife having to do all the chores while the Captain is busy running the ship, catering and housekeeping assistance is welcomed on Joybringer, a luxury private motor yacht. An ensuite cabin, food, and a modest salary are given in exchange for working for a month or so. The boat is based in the Greek Islands, equipped with its own ski boat, scuba diving and fishing equipment. Volunteer crew are also taken on.


Teaching & TEFL in Greece

Peter Beech's Anglo-Hellenic Teacher Recruitment has been placing teachers in teaching jobs in Greece, mostly Athens, for decades. This archived article on our site is out of date but still conveys what his agency can do for you. For English language schools in Greece go through those listed on ESL Base.

Their advice page is also worth a look, as is the information on Quinn's World of TEFL, who state: “A new law requiring all teachers to pass a Greek language exam has made things rather more difficult but this could be overturned at any moment by the EU.


Au Pair & Nanny Jobs

Childcarers can earn up to €700 per week looking after the children of summer holidaymakers in Corfu, Mykonos, Kefalonia, Crete, Santorini and Rhodes. Kids in Greece look for qualified nannies, nursery nurses or primary school teachers, or those with at least two years’ experience with babies and children. More information on working as an au pair in Greece can be had from TheBestAuPair.


Low Cost Options for Volunteering

We list more cheap ways to volunteer in Greece on another website in our small group.

Jobs Abroad Bulletin

Visit the Jobs Abroad Bulletin for current jobs in Greece


Other Ways to Travel or Stay for Free

Stay for free in return for caring for local residents' homes or pets. Join Trusted Housesitters to live rent free as a house sitter (Americans may prefer this link).You can get a free $25 Airbnb credit from us here.


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