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Who are you? What do you do? And other pertinent questions.

Who are you?

The Overseas Job Centre is part of an inter-related group of travel websites and blogs intent on encouraging people to travel for longer. Through our sites we provide suggestions for funding your travels by working abroad, saving money as a volunteer, or enjoying once in a lifetime experiences while on a gap year or career break. We are Deirdre Higgins, a veteran of the working week in France, Belgium, Peru, Britain and Ireland, and Shane Donovan who has successfully evaded a real job since leaving school. We work on our websites as we travel and have helped people find paid and volunteer jobs in, among other places, Australia, France and China, while we have been in Bolivia, Lebanon or Malaysia. 

Is the Overseas Job Centre an agency?

No. We like to travel too much to run a full service agency. In many places it is possible but in some parts of the world we know we couldn’t offer the service you should expect. We are simply two backpackers sharing the websites and services we find when researching our own trips. Some of the organisations listed here are straight out advertising their services, some are affiliates or earn us a commission, while others we plain just like and want to tell you more about them.

How do I apply for a position, and does it cost extra to use your services?

The Overseas Job Centre focuses on both paying jobs abroad and gap year projects, some of which require a program fee. It will not cost you anything extra to use our services. Where we are paid a fee for finding staff or volunteers for a client, it comes from the client, not from you. To apply for any of the positions you like, just follow the link provided to the host website. Full details, including how to apply, will be given there.