Lets Put on a Show Right Here - Jobs in the Mediterranean & Caribbean

(Archived Article)

Openwide International provide the talented with a unique chance to sing and dance their way around the world, expanding their skills and experience as an entertainer. The roles they offer are demanding, including regular attendance at training courses run by top West End choreographers.

Openwide create and design entertainment programmes, training over 400 entertainers for cruise lines, tour operators, hotel chains and independent hotels throughout the Med and Caribbean. Long term contracts of four to six months are up for grabs for people with charm, personality and talent. Experience, though preferred, is not necessarily required. 

Openwide always want lead vocalists and dancer-vocalists and they regularly recruit dancers for production shows and as formal dance couples. Also required are actors with stage presence to drive comic and musical shows, musicians, cabaret acts and comperes, comedians and personalities to host revues and game shows.

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