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Live, Work & Travel in Australia


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Gap Year & Voluntary Work in Australia

Unpaid Positions & Adventure

Aussitel Backpackers - Work for accommodation roles come up frequently and are given to suitable guests already staying with them. Local farmers in Coffs Harbour also let them know when there is work available during the blueberry picking season.

Australian Tropical Research Foundation - Rainforest restoration and related research in tropical far north Queensland. They are seeking volunteers, interns and students to assist in a wide range of rainforest and climate change related activities.During their down time volunteers can enjoy some of the finest coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef. A small fee, the amount depending on ability to pay, is required to cover food and lodging.

Bellbunya - Bellbunya is a demonstration centre for sustaining living on the Sunshine Coast hinterland in Queensland. Full time positions are rarely available but part time volunteers are welcomed.

Bush Heritage Australia - A national non-profit organisation conserving biodiversity in Australia, volunteers perform a range of tasks to support Bush Heritage's dedicated staff in the field and in the office. Reserve opportunities include land management, ecological monitoring and research, visitor management, caretaking and infrastructure support. Desk-top opportunities include event management, marketing, finance, communication, social media, fundraising and general administration.

Conservation Volunteers Australia - Aid the protection of the endangered flora and fauna of Australia, plant trees or restore historic buildings.

Flying Monkey Backpackers - Volunteers can stay for free in Cairns in return for 16 hours’ work a week in housekeeping for a minimum of one month.

Internships Down Under - Provide individuals with tailor made internships in Australia and New Zealand.

Koala Beach Resort - Cairns accommodation that has been spotted looking for a work for stay superstar cleaner for two and a half hours a day.

Port Macquarie Backpackers - Current vacancies are listed on the their website. When we looked they were looking for a duty manager, but they also say they are always looking for drivers and cleaners. Some positions receive pocket money as well as accommodation.

Queensland Government Volunteering for Parks - Become a volunteer for parks through the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. These pages also carry information on volunteering as a campground host, described as perfect for self-reliant couples who are experienced campers, enjoy meeting other people and love being outdoors. At least one host must have a current senior first-aid certificate. Hosts should also be fit and healthy, and preferably be 18 or over. There is also information on work experience and industry placements for students.

Think Pacific - Gap year expeditions to Fiji and the South Pacific combining volunteer projects with an adventurous island safari.

Tolga Bat Hospital - Every year the Tolga Bat Hospital rescues, rehabilitates and releases hundreds of bats that would otherwise die. Tasks include serving up banana smoothies for the bats and trips to the rainforest to release or capture the bats. Volunteers are required for a minimum of one month and should expect to pay for their food and accommodation. Shorter stays can be arranged by those willing to pay higher rates for their board.

Volunteering WA - Resources and information for volunteering in Western Australia.

WWOOF Australia - Willing Workers on Organic Farms provide lists of organic farms willing to accept volunteers.

Living in Australia

Real Estate and Resources for Staying Long Term - Property rental ads.

LJ - Established Australian estate agents.

McGrath - Large Australian estate agents. - Provides free Australian immigration eligibility assessment. An independent online source for personalised advice on migrating to Australia and Australian Immigration Law.

Parish Patience Immigration Lawyers - Immigation consultants.

Property Finders - Search for a home in Australia. - A big website for finding a home in Australia and New Zealand. - Search for rental property, houses, flats and apartments in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and other cities and towns all over Australia.

Sydney Migration Consultancy - Immigration lawyers.

Visa Corp - Immigation consultants.

Travelling in Australia

Accommodation & Getting Around

Apollo Motorhome Holidays - Specialise in campervan and motorhome hire in Australia and New Zealand including the "Cheapa Campa", aimed at the budget-minded traveller.

All Seasons Campervans - Campervan rental.

Aussie House Sitters - One of Australia and New Zealand's leading house sitting companies.

Aussie House Swap - A house swapping and home exchange website. - Official tourist office site. As you would expect from the Australians there is plenty of information for the important backpacker market including working around the country.

Bridge Climb - Climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Employment possibilities too (for Australians or those allowed to live in Australia only - not for those on a working holiday) for climb leaders, photographers, office, shop or cafe workers and Japanese speaking team members.

Campahomes - Campervan rental.

Camperman Australia - A business providing campervan rental and sales in Australia, especially in Sydney, helping to make your trip and work in Australia more convenient. - We met a number of people proudly travelling Australia and New Zealand in a VW Combi. The vehicles are often brightly coloured and eccentrically painted with pictures of frogs, kangeroos, Austin Powers or Darth Vader. The Combi owners - sometimes a couple, sometimes a group of lads or girls - extol the flexibiltiy their Combi gives them in travelling and stopping where and when wish and feel part of a club or fraternity, particularly on the long deserted roads that connect distant towns and cities in Australia. Most buy their van equipped with beds and a cooker, pay for fuel and sell the thing at the end of their trip, usually for the same price paid at the start. When these guys were known as the Kings Cross International Backpackers Car Market they were thought to be a good place to meet travellers in Sydney, hear some advice and stories and buy a Combi or car for your own journeys.

Countrylink - Rail and coach network.

Diamantina Outback Information - Diamantina offer detailed information on travel to the Australian outback as will as attractions, deserts, expeditions, visa and flight information.

Discovery Melbourne - The blurb of this backpackers hostel says they are better in bed.

Exford Hotel - Accommodation in Melbourne.

Firefly Express - Interstate coach travel in Australia.

Flinders Station Hotel Backpackers - Accommodation in Melbourne.

Getabout Oz - Campervan rental in Australia and New Zealand.

Greyhound Pioneer - Coach passes and tours.