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Live, Work & Travel in Australia


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Travelling in Australia Continued...

Accommodation & Getting Around

Groovy Grape Getaways Australia - Groovy trips in vans. Backpacker companies have the best names, don't you think?

KEA Campers Australia and New Zealand - Campervans, motorhomes and 4WD's to explore Australia and New Zealand at your own pace, experienced multilingual staff and an extensive network of rental depots.

Mighty Cars and Campers - Campervan rental. - Australia's biggest virtual message board for lifts. There were plenty available from various departure points when we last looked.

Nullarbor Traveller - Road tours across the Nullarbor connecting Adelaide and Perth.

Oz Experience - Backpacker bus service.

Professional Pathways Australia - Successfully facilitating internships in Australia since 2001 for international students and graduates. With offices in the central business districts of Melbourne and Sydney, they are able to offer students and recent graduates an appropriate industry based programme that will support their work and life aspirations.

PURE Australia - An independent backpacker guide to assist anyone interested in Australian backpacker travel. Share experiences, ask questions and offer advice to new travellers.

Sydney Aquarium - It's difficult to believe but sharks are one of the less dangerous critters in Australia compared to the crocs, spiders, snakes, stonefish, buffalo, jellyfish.... the list just goes on and on. The Sydney Aquarium has a world famous shark display among its attractions that also include seals and penguins, crocodiles, platypus, underwater tunnels and a Great Barrier Reef complex. Travellers arriving in Sydney and heading up the coast will find the display of over 11,000 aquatic animals, open 9am to 10pm every day, a good grounding for what they may see later in the wild.

Tamworth Jackeroo and Jillaroo School - Many people think all Australians live on farms the size of Belgium. They don't, but you can and for around the price of a double room per night. Among the things you'll learn on your way to becoming an Australian cowboy or cowgirl are horseriding, shoeing, mustering sheep or cattle, milking, whip cracking and lassoing and calf throwing and marking. At the end of your stay you may even have a skill that can be used to find a real, paid job on a cattle station.

Travellers Auto Barn - Car and campervan sales and rentals. There's also a page of employment opportunities at TAB.

Travelodge - Accommodation. Includes a careers page.

The VanExchange - A place to buy and sell backpacker vehicles in Australia. Whether you're looking to buy or sell they have listings of cars, campervans, 4x4's, Utes, SUV's and more.

Wake Up -Backpacker accommodation and bar in Sydney.

Western Australia - 'The Real Thing' - Travel information from Tourism Western Australia.

Wicked Campers - Campervans for backpackers to rent. Great pics of entertainingly painted vans including a very chummy Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper ready to take on the open road. Includes a jobs page.

YHA Australia - Hostel accommodation.

Other Useful Australian Websites

Culture, News...

The Australian - Newspaper.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Cool Country Radio - Sydney country radio station. - Search engine for higher education courses in Australia.

NSW Government

Sydney Opera House - Sydney has an Opera House apparently.