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A Yeti Assistant With Powder Byrne

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Ski Resort Childcare Jobs


If you can create fun for children within a safe environment, then there are many opportunities for you this winter. Many tour operators target families for their business model, specialising in keeping the kids happy while parents enjoy the skiing.

The Powder Byrne children's programme is the Yeti Club. Their aim is to combine ski instruction from the professional locals with a friendly and fun environment provided by the Yeti team.

The Yeti team accompany children to and from the slopes, encouraging them whilst skiing, supervise them over lunch and organise games. In the evening the children are supervised during the Yeti Supper and enjoy evening activities such as quizzes and videos.

Yeti Assistants need to be 18 years old, have experience of working with children aged four to nine (desirable), be a competent skier (desirable) and speak French or German (desirable).

Applicants for this position need to be team players that can pass on enthusiasm to others. You should be helpful, adaptable and resourceful with an approachable attitude and a good understanding of the safety issues involved with supervising children. Patience, diplomacy and energy are other necessary attributes.

Further Information
Yeti Assistants are required for peak weeks. Full details and online application are available at the Powder Byrne website: 

Please note that though Powder Byrne still employ Yeti Assistants some details may have changed since this article was first published.

Image courtesy Jens-Olaf Walter