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Entertainment Jobs in Greece, Cyprus, Egypt & Spain

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Animation Jobs Abroad


Agency Remarc looks for outgoing people with a high level of communication skills to join Animation / Entertainment teams in hotels and resorts throughout Greece, Cyprus, Egypt and Spain.

Those with experience or the self confidence to learn will have an opportunity to coach sports, to communicate in foreign languages, to act, dance or sing.

Animators encourage holidaymakers to have an active and enjoyable time during their vacations. As Agency Remarc describe it, "animate means to move, to give others a high spirit, to create a good move, to cheer up and to offer fun and possibilities."

As a member of the Animation team you will take part in daily activities such as pool or beach games, football and other sports. In the evening you should enjoy participating in funny theatre shows, bingo games and cabaret programmes.

Got a spare moment? Good, there is the kids to keep amused too. Roles such as these are hard work but full training will be given before the season starts, free of charge, but not paid.

At completion of training you will be offered a contract, normally from May 1st to October 31st negotiable. The winter season is from October to April. Animators will have a monthly salary between €485 and €800* net and accommodation on the full board basis. Extra money can be earned through promoting various agency gadgets.

Further Information
These jobs are for EU nationals only and Agency Remarc accept CVs with two pictures, portrait and full length. More information and application is available at 

*wage rates may no longer be current

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