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Disneyland Paris Jobs


If ever the term shitloads was used most appropriately, it must be for the number of jobs offered by Disneyland Paris

The company employ around 12,000 people to clean the 5,800 hotel rooms and assist the ten million guests they receive each year.

Disneyland Paris offer permanent and seasonal contracts from March and June to September/October.

Most of the positions are in the fast food restaurants and shops, and cleaning the hotel rooms. The park also offer the usual jobs found in a large theme park: ride attendants, welcoming guests, receptionist, working on the attractions, porters, parking attendants and so on.

Disney prefer clean looking individuals, anyone who looks a bit shabby is unlikely to be employed. You must speak English and conversational French, be friendly and outgoing and aged over 18. Speaking an extra European language will raise your stock.

Applicants must be EEA nationals or have a work permit for France. The salary is around £700* per month for a 39 hour week plus French social security cover, which you make contributions to. Various discounts are offered on merchandising which could prove useful for Christmas prezzy buying for kid relatives. Staff are given help finding accommodation and reimbursed travel expenses.

Apply in writing to Disneyland Paris, Casting BP110, F-77777 Marne-la-Vallee Cedex 4, France. 

* Wages may not be current

Image courtesy CetusCetus