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Teaching English as a Foreign Language

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Teach English Abroad


Want to find a job teaching English now?
Particularly in countries where getting a work visa might otherwise be difficult, Teaching English is one of the easiest ways to work abroad for native speakers. We feature several teaching organisations to help fill their vacancies and land you a job overseas. Though a degree and a TEFL certificate will improve your chances of working abroad we also have some positions available for fluent non native speakers of English and those without a degree. For a piece of the action visit our TEFL Job Centre.

Featured TEFL Jobs

* Teach English in Hong Kong. Teaching through this well-established International Graduate Programme, you'll earn a monthly salary of HK$ 15,000 - about £1,440. In addition to great pay, you will receive on-going training, assistance in finding your living accommodation and 30 days of vacation time to enjoy with your nine month placement. Apply here

* Paid TEFL Internship in Spain. Have an adventure working as an assistant teacher in a school in Valencia, Barcelona or another area of Catalonia. As part of this 9 month paid internship package, you’ll get a 120 hour TEFL certificate and a university accredited TEFL course in Spain, a monthly allowance and accommodation with a host family.


Featured TEFL Courses

* Premier TEFL's wide range of fully accredited online courses have been written by real teaching professionals to meet international TEFL standards to provide you with all the training you need to confidently teach English abroad. Lifelong certification makes you stand out in the global job market and qualifies you for the most rewarding, highly paid TEFL jobs out there. Visit Premier TEFL to discover which course is best for you.


Articles on Teaching English Abroad

How to Teach English as a Foreign Language
Learning the English language is often the key to prosperity for Asians, Africans and many other peoples around the World. Simply being born in Sheffield, Sydney or Syracuse is often enough to secure a job abroad. Add a degree and a TEFL qualification and the World is your oyster, my friend.


Your Experiences of Teaching English Abroad

TEFL & Culture in Germany
For those who are interested in Teaching English as a Foreign Language yet aren't ready to commit a grand to gaining a certificate, the Comenius Language Assistant scheme is a great opportunity to pick up skills and experience. So says Becca Elliot who worked in Bochum as a teaching assistant in a school for disabled children.

Working and Teaching in Japan: an Interview with an Expat
To help potential expats gain a sense of what living in Japan is truly like, we asked one British expat, Shaun - an assistant language teacher - how he and his partner adjusted to working life in Japan.

Spurning the local supermarket for the North Sea coast, Kate Jones contacted the Central Bureau to become A Language Assistant in Germany

If you're after an easy life, don't bother going to Korea, says David Cox. But if you're prepared for a bit of character building, read his Ins and Outs of Working for a Private Institute in Seoul

Land of the Morning Calm: Teaching English in Korea
In recent years Korea has seen an increase in the demand for native English speakers to work as conversation instructors in universities and private language schools. Accordingly thousands of new teachers are flocking to Korea and the ex-pat community is swelling considerably. Want to get a piece of the action? Jonathan Adams tells what you need to know.

Why Work in Another Country
How to make friends and influence people 5,000 miles from home. American Lee Maiwald, and his wife, did just that through a Fulbright Exchange to England.

* We've found that teachers tend to be prolific writers, far more so than most other people working abroad. We've collected and listed the first hand experiences of lots more nomadic teachers in our Blogger's Guides to Teaching English Abroad. Our teaching English Pinterest page is another place we collect relevant links.


Teaching Abroad Interviews

English teachers answer our questions in The Working Traveller blog section of our sites, including...

Jonny Blair, Teaching English in Hong Kong and Other Jobs Abroad
Ten years ago Jonny Blair left Bangor, Northern Ireland, to travel the world. Since then he has worked in bars, boats, offices, farms, theatres, shops and schools, as well as online, in his efforts to remain on the road. When we spoke to him his odyssey had taken him to Yangon where he was enjoying a cold Myanmar beer and cursing the wifi.


More English Teaching Posts in The Working Traveller

More articles on Teaching English as a Foreign Language can be found in our blog, including...

Thailand TEFL Teaching Internships Compared - If you are new to Teaching English as a Foreign Language, a TEFL internship in Thailand is a great way to experience life in an exotic yet easy going country. We compare the internships of six organisations before proving a handy comparison by category to help decide whether earning the most money is more important, if non native speakers are accepted or if you can apply without a degree.
Get TEFL Certified in Chiang Mai with SEE TEFL - Recently we compared the services of six organisations offering TEFL teaching internships in Thailand. Of the choices available SEE TEFL is the only one that focuses solely on Thailand and we often see them praised in forums and groups. We asked John Quinn, director of SEE TEFL, to give us a little background to Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), and why Chiang Mai is such a great place to begin your career as a travelling teacher.
Work Abroad at English Language Summer Camps - Summer Camps in the USA draw in thousands of foreign workers but other countries have summer camps too but with the focus for participants centred more on learning English rather than sports and outdoor activities. The camps themselves can be a recreation of American style camps or styled more from within the culture of the host country. While the objective of these camps is to spread the English language to local children, traditional camp activities and sports are blended in to create an enjoyable learning environment. Regardless of job title the role is usually a combination of teacher and camp counsellor.
The Ultimate Guide to Teaching English in China - We turn over The Working Traveller to Cez and Agness of eTramping, asking them to share their first hand expertise on teaching English in China.
¡Pelead en Inglés, POR FAVOR! - Jeremy Dean kindly shared an extract of his book on his experiences of teaching in Spain.
Help to Create an English Speaking Environment in Germany - If you have spent the past week talking English but paying for your meals and accommodation, then I’m afraid to say you are doing something wrong. There are places in this world where we can do what we do all day anyway and people will feed us and give us a free bed to sleep in.
3 English Teaching Assistant Programmes Abroad - Travellers can do more than just join a class to learn a new language. If you are willing and able to get out in front of the students and teach your own language, several governments around the world will welcome you with open arms to their country and put some money in your pocket too. We’ve picked out three varied countries where you could soon find yourself spending up to a year as an English language assistant.
3 Websites for Finding a Teaching Job in Japan - There’s more to working in Japan than just teaching English though, to be honest, not that much more if you don’t speak Japanese. Here's three good sites for finding teaching jobs in Japan.
6 Reasons to Work Abroad Before You Die - Honor Baldry, editor of i-to-i’s TEFL community Chalkboard, gives her reasons why working abroad should be number one on your bucket list.
James Benge’s TEFL Torment - You’ve got your ticket and a job abroad lined up. What can go wrong? Well, lots of things as James Benge testifies in this short cautionary tale.


Ask the Experts

Want some advice from people that have taught abroad? We have rounded up our travel blogger friends and invited them over to answer your questions on teaching abroad.


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We add the latest EFL and ESL jobs to our Jobs Abroad Bulletin.


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