Ten Summers at Camp America

(Archived Article)

by Sonja Miley

What makes your life rich? Full? Meaningful? Is it travel, or maybe making new friends? Does hard work scare you or can you rise to the challenges of new adventures? Have you ever dreamed of making an impact on the lives of others by simply being who you are? If you are looking for an avenue to explore these questions and more, Camp America can be the conduit to bring new adventure and fun into your life.

I worked on an American summer camp in California for ten summers in a row. I could probably write a book about the incredible people I met from all over the world in those ten years, or the diversity and individuality of the children I was a counsellor to, or even some of the tears I shed. I might write about sitting around an open campfire roasting marshmallows while telling ghost stories, lying underneath an open sky so clear you can see a blanket of stars, getting thrown into an ice-cold river after losing a baseball match on a scorching hot day, watching the joy on a child's face as he learns to ride a horse for the very first time.

Whether in a book or in a couple of paragraphs, the message I would convey most emphatically about my life on camp in America, is the richness and fullness of my experiences during each summer and the richness that I continue to feel now.

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