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Work Abroad


Tourism, Catering & Hospitality
The work is hard, the pay can be grim and the tourists in your care may whine day and night. But who cares when the sun is shining and it's raining back home.

Ski Jobs
Just because it turns a bit parky we shouldn't all scurry off home. Instead, head for the mountains if you want to work and party hard in the snow. A knowledge of German, Italian or French can be very helpful.

Summer Camps & Activity Centres
Ditch the concrete jungle and head for one of the thousands of summer camps found throughout the USA. A global network of placement organisations make this a fairly easy way to work in the States. Elsewhere around the world, similar roles can be found in activity centres.

Childcare & Domestic
Low paid but stable way to stay abroad for a while. If you have common sense, maturity and responsibility, a job looking after children can be found quickly and easily.

Teaching English
A much in demand skill you never knew you had. Such is the demand around the world for English tuition, any native English speaker with a suit and the confidence to face a class stands a chance of picking up work.

Agriculture & Animals
Jobs in fields and farms. Toil in the outdoors picking fruit or work with animals. Well suited to a mobile workforce able to be in the right place at the right time, fruit picking is a staple for backpackers.

Digital Nomad, Freelancing & Location Independent
It's no longer necessary to be tied to one location to fund your travels. A new generation of working travellers take their freelance jobs and businesses with them as they travel the world, earning an income in one place while living in another.

Other Work
There are many other ways to finance a stay away from home. This part of the Overseas Job Centre deals with anything from skilled trades like accountancy or nursing to subjecting your body to clinical medical studies.

Country Guide
Here we pull together related content from across the rest of the site from travel tips and photos to job vacancies


Thinking of Taking a Gap Year?

Many of the types of work we cover can be undertaken as part of a gap year, but for information specifically on gap schemes, internships, study and work programmes, please see our Volunteer Work and Gap Year pages


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