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Good Times on Yelland Farm

by Katie from Australia, June to August 2003

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I had been living in London for 3 months when I realized summer was on its way and my boyfriend and I hadn't a penny for traveling.

You may know the feeling of living in London… 'spend as you earn'. A lot of money wasted and weekend write-offs. We figured our best bet was to travel and save at the same time.

Step 1 - The mighty Internet. I spoke to Rachel on Saturday. Great help.

Step 2 - Booked the Monday morning bus to Barnstaple over the phone.

Step 3 - Caught bus to Barnstaple.

Step 4 - Picked up from station by boss and taken to the farm.

Step 5 - Welcome and unpack.

We've been living in our caravan here for over 2 months. It may sound a bit rough, living in a caravan, but we all enjoy it. It still has the holiday feel. The rent is cheap and the travel money is great. Things are only as good as you make them, so… we made them awesome.

Within 1 week of living here, we made a BBQ and cricket pitch. In 2 weeks we had made great mates with guys and girls from all ends of the globe.

During the week we work 8am - 4:30pm on the strawberry farm. Longer if you like. It takes only a few seconds to walk out the front to work, as we have our own area out the back. Never pack lunch, morning or afternoon tea. At break time, simply go back to your van and make it fresh. The local 'Devonshire Dumplings' we work with are welcoming and the management staff are great.

Weekends are nothing but fun. We tend to do it fairly cost effective. We drive to the beach, go shopping or to the races, etc. The Devon and Cornwall coast is beautiful. The locals are inviting and the rivers are great for swimming and fishing. BBQ and beers are on the weekend agenda.

Step out of your comfort zone. That's how lifelong memories occur. Bring your backpack, football, Frisbee, etc and come and make your own fun on Yelland Strawberry farm. I may see you next year. It's a wonderful experience, and at the end of the day, that's why we are traveling.

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